Margaret & Dave @ Charleville Castle

Margaret and David (or Mags & Dave as I got to know them quickly by), have an enthusiasm that made the job of photographing their wedding day a joy. My luck continued through the day as I meet all the bridal party who made me feel like I was one of the family. As the preperations of the morning mixed with a few glasses of champagne, I moved from the calm of Mag's homeplace to the even-calmer surroundings of Dave's. 

Mags had warned me that Dave wasn't keen on getting his photo taken..most blokes aren't. But if he was, he didn't take long to get over it. I immediately clicked with him and his motley crew of Groomsmen, and straight away I knew it would be a great day.

After the ceremony we made a dash for Charleville House just outside Tullamore. It was their intention to have fun with the photos and not take it too seriously or formal. A quick glance through the pics and you can tell that was definitely the case. 

Later, we returned to the Bridge House for more fun and games. Towards the end of an awesome day I managed to take them away from the festivities for one last pic. Outside under the arches and using a little off-camera-flash and my umbrella, I think the final pic captures their playful and infectious attitude that summed up the day nicely.

Thank you for stopping by to look, and thanks so much to Mags & Dave for a great day.