Out with the Old and In with the New..

Week 1 of the unlaoised project 52 this year was - Out with the Old and In with the New..

My idea for this was a bit of a play on the many New Year resolutions that we make, like giving up the drink!

Instead of giving up the drink I thought it might be funny to give up beer for something more lavish like cocktails!

The setup is simple.. Using a plain backdrop I used one flash (580ex on 1/32 power, with a wireless trigger) pointing into an umbrella. I then took a pic with the lighting on my right. The second pic i switched the light to the other side and tried to stand in the same position (i didn't do it exactly correct which made the blending of the 2 pics a bit tricky and on close inspection you can see my head is a bit distorted)

I then blanded both pics in photoshop (getting rid of the distractions with content-aware). I finished it in Lightroom, adding a bit of colour to blend the pics more.