Lough Rynn Castle | Ailish & Dougies Wedding day...

Another amazing venue!! When Ailish & Dougie asked me to capture the photographs for their wedding here I was delighted.

I loved every minute going around with them in the beautiful setting of Lough Rynn (https://www.loughrynn.ie/). This place is fantastic and great for photography. Lots of interesting nooks & Cranny’s. They even supply a golf cart for the happy couple to jaunt around on and for me to follow.

Here’ just a small selection of the many photos we took…

Everything went so smoothly and when the ceremony started everyone made their way to the beautiful Fountain garden at the back of the house.

We took loads of amazing photographs all over the grounds before the happy couple took the party late into the night.

Here’s just a sample of some of the photos…

Kinnity Castle | Anne & Trevor's wedding day...

On the morning of Anne & Trevor's wedding I got lost trying to find Trevor's family home in the countryside not far from Clonaslee. When I eventually found the lovely homestead, and In typical Irish fashion, I was given a warm welcome and offered lots of Tea. I found Anne's homeplace easier (even though its more remote) as I had photographed her brothers wedding a year or two back, so it was nice to see so many familiar faces.

Both Anne & Trevor had farming backgrounds (Anne works as a vet in Mountmellick) so I smiled when I got to the chapel and saw they had prepared a nice bouquet of flowers sitting in a pair of wellies at the entrance to welcome guests.

I hadn't been back to Kinnity Castle (https://www.kinnittycastlehotel.com/) for such a long time (I got married there myself, fado fado). After Anne & Trevor's lovely wedding ceremony in Clonaslee church, everyone made a bee-line for Kinnity. As we made our way through the long winding driveway to the castle, you can't help but be impressed by the uniqueness of this very old gem in the Slieve Blooms. 

After a beautiful day in such lovely surroundings we made our way out to the courtyard to attempt to launch some Chinese lanterns. With the exception of one or two fires it went off really well. It was a lovely symbolic moment for the newly-weds to see their lantern light and rise up in the night sky.

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