Rathsallagh House | Aidan & Lorraine's Wedding Day

Aidan & Lorraine’s celebrated their wedding day recently at the wonderful Rathsallagh House Co. Wicklow. The sun was shining and everything ran according to plan for Lorraine as she prepared for the biggest day of her life. Rathsallagh house is such a beautiful venue to get married. Every last detail is checked by the lovely staff.

Aidan’s preparations consisted of fixing his tie in the pub!!. He and the groomsmen had enough time to nip down to the local for a one or two pints of Guinness, and that can be the hardest part of my job…looking at the lads enjoying a few nice jars.

Pippa their faithful dog made an appearance at the church and again at the reception afterwards. He got great milage out of all the guests who took the time to throw his tennis ball for him.

The day ended under the lights of the great Oak tree at the back of the House. Just like the entire day, without fuss and full of the joys of life.

Here’s just a small selection of the photos from that wonderful wedding.

Castleknock Hotel | Priscila & Robert's wedding day...

Priscila & Robert’s wedding in the Castleknock Hotel in Dublin recently was a truly international affair. Priscila moved to Ireland a few years ago from Brazil where she met the love of her life, Robert (from Co. Monaghan).

Their wonderful wedding had family and friends from Brazil in great numbers. There were friends from everywhere from South America to Europe, all mingling and merging into one happy family to celebrate their wedding in Dublin.

Priscila’s family had little or no English but we all managed to communicate nicely and even shared a lot of laughs during the morning preparations and long in to the day and night.

The venue was perfect and the sun shone on us. Everything went perfectly and both Robert & Priscila were the relaxed and full of energy at the same time…which made my job easy!!

Here’s a small selection of the many photos from their big day.

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