Hotel Kilkenny | Marie & Roger's wedding day...

The Hotel Kilkenny was the venue for this wonderful day. Marie & Rodge made this date forever theirs.

Everything ran so smoothly and on this lovely sunny day the sun came out. Roger even had time to nip into his local, the famous Cleary’s Pub in Old Leighlin Co. Carlow for a pint with some of the guys before the ceremony.

After the ceremony we took some photographs in and around the town’s famous bridge and the tower ruins. Then we took the road to Kilkenny to carry on the party at the Hotel Kilkenny (

Here’s just a small selection of the images from that great day…

The Lord Bagenal Inn | Martina & Fergus wedding day...

Old Leighlin in Co. Carlow is a beautiful little village with lots of charm and was the old stomping ground for Martina. It was great to get the history from both Fergus and Martina...over a pint, in the middle of the THEY'RE Wedding Day!!.

Martina's friend Ken was the driver for the day and I was onboard with them when we took a detour after the ceremony to go to their local in the village. Carey's pub in Old Leighin is a classic old pub. It's small, cosy, and has a nice half-door with a lovely landlady who opened early especially for the newlyweds. Sure what better way to get away from the crowd!! :)

After a pint we headed back to the crowd in the Lord Baganel ( in Leighlinsbridge. The weather continued to be kind which made it all the better for pics outside. After the meal I managed to squeeze in a few more photos down by the river on the jetty.

All in all it was a great day with great people..hope you get a sense of the day we had from the photos.

Many thanks for stopping by.