Communion's 2017

Increasingly I've been asked to shoot family portraits Outdoors I'm delighted to say. Shooting communion photos outside can be tricky with our weather but I love it. It's nice for a change to shoot communion pics outdoor instead of the studio, in fact It's great to do most shoots outdoors if possible. Sometimes it can be really easy and the natural light is enough to make some nice pics..other times, it can be challenging and speedlights and/or reflecters are needed (which brings its own problems).

Thankfully, this year was hectic and I'm only getting a chance now to select a few from a wide range of outdoor photos. The photos that I like most, I must admit, are pics with all the siblings together. I suppose, coming from a large family it reminds me of my own happy days.

Here's just a small selection of this year's outdoor photos from the families I remembered to ask could I post..hope you like :)